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a mini shrine dedicated to EXO's Guardian and Dancing Machine, and their love-hate / push-pull relationship.

warning: shrine contents not always sfw.

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Anonymous says:
OTP is sailing

like a boss? hell yes.


Anonymous says:
Kaiho is the most painful OTP ever

seconded, anon. 

and yet, it brings us happiness.

oh irony.

Anonymous says:
If Suho and Kai had a child, what do you think his or her name would be?

Hi anon! 

» The name will depend on the gender of the kid ofc.  If it’s a girl, it’ll probably be:

Jun Hee (like ‘mother’ like daughter >:D)
Su Jin (this is [su]ho + [j]ong[in] )

if it’s a guy…

Ho Jin / Jin Ho (mashup name again; may also mean ‘strange’/’rare’ sky, not sure if that’s valid…Hanja-wise orz

I hope this answers your inquiry ^^ I hope you get ideas from here too :))

Anonymous says:
How did you feel when you saw that photo of Kai whispering into Suho's ear?

Hi anon!

I was shocked for the first two minutes because I was very much in disbelief the picture was for real.  When I saw my friends in twitter squealing about it and me still in shock, that’s the time it sank in my brain: fo real yo. shit’s real yo


[that happened for real.]

Screeching, screaming in front of my laptop. I almost broke my table from squeezing too much because containing otp feels is never easy and that pic is the closest thing to otp kissing (and doing it in public).

what is personal space again?.

p.s. I hope this answers your inquiry anon (:

hello everyone.

first, I apologize for being out for two months without a word. To sum it up: July and August became a make or break month.  


for now, will temporarily putting the shrine on a backtrack mode, from current timestamp to where the shrine’s last post was.  The shrine has a lot to catch up on. Will also answer the asks left first. 

along with the backtrack, will also work again on the new theme for the shrine I left behind last July. It’ll be the first theme your admin worked on from scratch /runs.  


also: people who stayed with the sukai shrine: rock on! stay safe with a heart full of otp feels ^^

with love and overflowing sukai feels,
shrine admin